Sunday, November 27, 2011

He kept his eyes to the ground to avoid looking at her.

As Salaamu alaikum my beloveds,

I pray you are at your best and Only at your best. Remember, you are the best of people, not because I say it but because Allah says it. Strive every single day to be your best because Allah speaks the Truth and if He says we're the best than believe we're the best. Only walk towards greatness.

I wanted to share something with you my beloved. In NY many months ago while driving to work one day, I was waiting at a traffic light and noticed a Muslim man talking to a woman at the bus stop. Subhanallah, the woman was scantily dressed but the brother kept his eyes to the ground the entire time to avoid looking at her. This made my heart smile because boy do I love a servant who fears Allah in public and in private.

Yesterday, I was reminded of this story when I found myself at a traffic light. I saw a young Muslim brother jogging down the street and on the opposite end were a couple of scantily dressed women approaching him. Of course cars were beeping at them causing a ruckus. Subhanallah, the brother crossed the street to avoid passing them and they noticed it. People were watching them, while they were watching him, and he was watching and protecting his Deen!!

I LOVE THIS!! A servant who fears Allah in public and private Always stands out in the crowd)! May Allah grant them and all those like them the best wives among the women and the best offspring among the children. Amin!! If you have a man like this in your life (father, husband,brother, son) hit that like button, but do something even better than that my sisters. Match him or better than him regarding your Deen!!

Until we meet again....Happy Blogging!

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