Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Daddy's little girls.

It doesn't matter if she does not make it to Yale, as long as she does her absolute best, I will be fine. It doesn't matter if she does not memorize the entire Quran, as long as she implements whatever she learns, I will be fine. It doesn't matter if she makes 1st place or 3rd or brings home the prize trophy, I will still excitingly cheer her on (I will probably be the most enthusiastic mom in the crowd). She will know with absolute assurance that she is loved. She will know that she could ALWAYS depend on me for a free hug and an I love you. When I'm on the phone and she interrupts me, I won't shoosh her off and tell her wait until mommy is finished on the phone. She will know that she is way more important than my conversation. Mother's, the moment you brought her into this world it was no longer about you. Your daughter's need your love. Father's your daughter's need hugs. It matters not if you live close to them or afar, call them & ask to speak to the most beautiful princess in the world, that will make the difference. It doesn't matter if you can't fund a dream lifestyle for her, I promise you she will prefer your time and attention above all. Just a phone call so say how are you today? A card that says you brought peace and blessings into my world. These are the moments she will cherish. These are the qualities she will look for in friends and her spouse. If you withhold your affection from her she may be at risk at being what we see today, overgrown little girls and quite honestly I'm very tired of this status quo. They deserve your love if even you don't feel you deserve any. At least give them a fair chance.

Join the Facebook group I created entitled 'Father's who promise to love their daughter's'. But Don't stop there. That's the bare minimum. Get involved in your daughter's lives. Your love will help her thrive in a world that offers so many reasons to fall. Say it today, I will help my daughter to succeed. I will do my absolute best to make sure she has all that she needs to reach her fullest potential. Thank you and congratulations, you have another 24 hrs to make it right. For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit hujrahwahhaj.com. Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.