Sunday, December 8, 2013

As Salaamu alaikum! I pray you are at your absolute best this day and the following days to come. Well, it seems as if my dad is 15 years old again. Subhanllah, ever since he's gotten his passport back he won't sit down (as if that's something new). Lol. His world tour is taking off without a hitch! It's so funny because every time I pick him up from the airport, he tells me each time, "I know I said the last trip was the best trip, but this one really was over the top". Lol. Wow, he loooooves you guys. We was blown away in Canada. He said it was unbelievable the hospitality and love from the community. Then he went to U.K. and was left in total awe. He said it was so many people coming to the event, they had to turn people away because it became a fire hazard. He said the entire stage was completely covered with people who had no more sitting or standing room in the audience. Unbelievable!

  I'm so very excited to witness this. I watched my dad for many years do what he does and I tell you I respect his tenacity, dedication, and endurance in this work! May Allah forever shower him with unlimited blessings, Mercy, and joy for his efforts. I told my dad that when I become a millionaire I will retire him. "Hujrah", he said, "Thanks but I work for Allah, there is no retiring". Subhanallah, you heard it hear first, Imam Siraj Wahhaj would never consider retiring! (Smile).

It's amazing, before Facebook my dad had no idea what I was up to unless I told him, now he travels across the world and everybody's telling him what I'm up to, LOL. So now when I pick him up from the airport, he tells me before I can tell him what I'm up to. "I saw you on The Omar Regan Show", or what's going on with your this project or that? It's the cutest thing. We compare stories, laugh, laugh, and laugh some more, and then part ways and get back to "saving the world".

I love my dad. People have no idea how cool he is. It's so rare to be able to have the best of both worlds, a cool, down to Earth father who's also a beautiful spiritual advisor. Mashallah! Next on the tour is Africa, I'll be sure to inform you which part. Stay tuned for up-coming pictures and video of my dad's world tour. This is absolutely amazing to witness and I pray we all meet in Jannah and reminisce about the good 'ole Earth days. May this day be better than you ever imagined it to be! For more inspiring articles and a chance to win FREE advertisement on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show, like my page and stay tuned for up-coming contests. Until we meet again, Happy Blogging!