Sunday, December 8, 2013

As Salaamu alaikum! I pray you are at your absolute best this day and the following days to come. Well, it seems as if my dad is 15 years old again. Subhanllah, ever since he's gotten his passport back he won't sit down (as if that's something new). Lol. His world tour is taking off without a hitch! It's so funny because every time I pick him up from the airport, he tells me each time, "I know I said the last trip was the best trip, but this one really was over the top". Lol. Wow, he loooooves you guys. We was blown away in Canada. He said it was unbelievable the hospitality and love from the community. Then he went to U.K. and was left in total awe. He said it was so many people coming to the event, they had to turn people away because it became a fire hazard. He said the entire stage was completely covered with people who had no more sitting or standing room in the audience. Unbelievable!

  I'm so very excited to witness this. I watched my dad for many years do what he does and I tell you I respect his tenacity, dedication, and endurance in this work! May Allah forever shower him with unlimited blessings, Mercy, and joy for his efforts. I told my dad that when I become a millionaire I will retire him. "Hujrah", he said, "Thanks but I work for Allah, there is no retiring". Subhanallah, you heard it hear first, Imam Siraj Wahhaj would never consider retiring! (Smile).

It's amazing, before Facebook my dad had no idea what I was up to unless I told him, now he travels across the world and everybody's telling him what I'm up to, LOL. So now when I pick him up from the airport, he tells me before I can tell him what I'm up to. "I saw you on The Omar Regan Show", or what's going on with your this project or that? It's the cutest thing. We compare stories, laugh, laugh, and laugh some more, and then part ways and get back to "saving the world".

I love my dad. People have no idea how cool he is. It's so rare to be able to have the best of both worlds, a cool, down to Earth father who's also a beautiful spiritual advisor. Mashallah! Next on the tour is Africa, I'll be sure to inform you which part. Stay tuned for up-coming pictures and video of my dad's world tour. This is absolutely amazing to witness and I pray we all meet in Jannah and reminisce about the good 'ole Earth days. May this day be better than you ever imagined it to be! For more inspiring articles and a chance to win FREE advertisement on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show, like my page and stay tuned for up-coming contests. Until we meet again, Happy Blogging!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fear is only a Feeling!

Good Morning Loves,

I was inspired to write to you about FEAR! We all have it. We all face it. In fact the greatest of people had some level of fear in their lives. What I find fascinating is, successful people who continuously win have learned to move despite of fear. They have mastered the art of using the emotion of fear as a tool that empowers them instead of crippling them.

I am determined to win. I am determined to shape the minds of so many of our young beautiful brothers and sisters out there who just need one person to say I believe in you. I am determined to win. I am determined to show not only this community but the world that WE are made of great stuff and in fact we have ALL that it takes to change this world completely around!

I know I have high hopes and high standards. I know I can seem a bit bold ion my visions at time, but I believe with Allah Every Single Thing is possible. I also believe that we were placed on this Earth, perfectly desinged imperfectly by the Creature Himself, with all that we need to be dynamic, fierce, incredible, and Super Productive. I believe that God can make us climb higher than we can see, reeach, and even think. "I am what my servant thinks of me". Our Magnificent Creator is telling us to think incredible about Him and He will make our entire existence Incredible!

I don't know about you but I want God to look at me as His employee who never ever stopped until she accomplished all that she was placed here to do. I was my Creator to be proud of me, to smile at me, to write me among the honored ones who hold a special place in His heart.

How in the world can I go after all this and let fear cripple me? How is it possible to live in greatness, do great things, invent great ideas, inspire greatness amongst people if I let fear stop me?! It won't work. It can't work. Trust and believe that fear is only a feeling. It will pass. You must decided Today that you can no longer sit around and wait for someone to make your life awesome. You no longer have the luxury of letting fear talk you out of ideas. Change begins now and can only happen when you get uncomfortable!

I pray this message resonates with you. I know somebody needed to hear this on this morning. I love you and I expect only greatness from you. You are my sisters and brothers and I need our bond to be better than ever! I need you on this mission with me. Together we can do this and I'm in it with you for the long run! Are you with me?

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

How To Get Back On Track After A Low Point.

Good Morning Loves,

I found a treasure that I felt compelled to share with you. Hope you like it!

I left my hometown, NYC with a one way ticket to Atlanta, Ga and $.28 in my pocket. I had no idea what the next day would look like nor did I have a solid plan. All I knew was that I was moving to a new City with nothing but 100% faith in Allah and assurance that my life was about to change drastically because I finally decided with conviction that it was time to truly live in my passion.
I look back at the event that would forever change my life and can't believe how fast life became better for me. The question I keep asking myself as I'm flying up my ladder of success (All praises belong to God) is what if I never made the courageous decision to leave my familiar discomfort and step into unknown possibilities? I would still be at start and not writing this article to you.

 It was challenging starting from square one. I had to rebuild myself up in a new City, new rules, new people, but I had new hope. I knew that if I wanted to produce a different outcome I had to move and think differently. I had to learn some new ideologies and unlearn some bad habits including negative inner dialogue. Then when I started to have breakthrough after breakthrough I realized that success is no secret magic potion or single event that just happens, that in fact it is a science to it and it begins with your mindset.

 So, how do you get yourself back on track after a low point?

 Here are five steps that you must begin implementing today to take back your life and start becoming the dynamic person you were meant to be.

 1) The very first thing you must do is completely remove yourself from the people, place, or thing that has obviously contributed to your downfall. I left town because I wanted a completely new life but you don't have to make a move so drastic. If you can't get away permanently then leave for at least a couple of hours or a day and go to your safe place. Everyone has one. The safe place is THE place you can go to find total peace, comfort, and repose. There are no worries, stress, or people who make you feel discomfort. I have several including lakes, beaches, day spas, trees, etc. It can even be a close friend's house or a relative. Find that place and retreat..... Click here for the full article.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Love You...More Than You Hate Yourself.

Good Day Loves,

It seems like just yesterday I was in a dark place filled with pain and doubt. A space that kept me in fear and suffering from the people pleasing syndrome. I was really tired of being stuck, still, and stagnant. I know somebody out there understands that space. I am so content and happy to be able to say I have moved into a new home where my mental residency is Possibility! My mind and heart have been through the battlefield and because of it I stand before you as the confident, humbled Muslim woman who knows without a shadow of a doubt that nothing and no one is more loved, beloved, and deserving of True love other than Allah. He is my world. He validates me and because of it I am able to live in this world as He tells us to, fearing Him only and carrying out my mission; to inspire and change the very world around me! Wow, what a different life this is! All Praises Belong To God!

I'm inspired to speak to you for a second. I promise to be quick. Please forgive me if I seem a little blunt but as a transformational speaker I must say the things that people don't want to hear in order to get them to change the things they desperately need to change for the sole purpose of transforming US into the vessels of light that we were born to be.

I am learning to develop thick skin. I am learning to LOVE people where they are and not where I want them to be. I am learning to have high expectations in God only for He is the Most Perfect Being, truly competent to handle everything. I have stopped apologizing for my blessings. I have accepted the fact that not everyone wants, cares, or are courageous enough to be helped, changed, or saved but that I can still love people more than they hate themselves.

I was inspired by T.D. Jakes speech about Stagnation. I walked away understanding that if you run around with limited people as limited as you, they will compete with you instead of complete you. I understand that limpers find great comfort in hanging with other limpers because if everyone is limping there is no need to walk, run, or soar, for that matter. When water stands still it becomes attracted to infectious diseases. Healing and growing can only take place when we are moving. You cannot become changed in an area you are comfortable and until you become comfortable with becoming uncomfortable, be prepared to reside in the same mental space that's been producing the same results that's bringing you so much misery in your life. Investing in yourself, your relationships your children, and your future begins with you. If you cannot convince yourself to invest in you, why would other people be bothered? It's time to stop staring further than you can reach. Get up and use what you have to get what you don't have in order to get to where you know you were meant to be!

We have so much work to do.. I surely do! We will be work in progress until we leave this Earth. So let's work.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Good Afternoon and Ramadhan Mubarak! I just had to share this with you! I'm not going to say her name because I didn't get permission but I must say, there is a newly wedded couple at the Masjid in my current hometown that has restored alot of people's faith in love and it is one of the most beautiful things I have witnessed in a long time! They are an older couple, who both had trials and tribulations in the past. Subhanallah, the love they have between eachother is soooo incredible. They are both glowing, acting like teenagers, her husband winks at her all day, and everytime you see them your heart melts just as described in Abu Ibrahim's book,Sex In Islamwhich gives excellent advice to Muslim couples everywhere!! Love is refreshing, especially when you find your soul-mate. We all agree this couple were created for eachother! I love to see two beautiful souls unite under the umbrella of marriage. So this post goes out to any of you who may have given up on LOVE; someone is out there for you even if you already lived your life. Awwwwe, make dua for them. They married right before Ramadhan so this is their very first Ramadhan together! Good luck on your journey of love! May you find your soul-mate who far exceeds all of your expectations and May Allah grant you renewed love for those of you who are married! Amin! Until we meet again... Happy Blogging!

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My dad said I had 60 Seconds!

Good Morning, Well, I must say this is the best news I've had in a long time and of course I want to share it with you! So I just returned from ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) convention 2013 this past Memorial Weekend in Connecticut and it was absolutely the best one I've ever attended. I spent the entire weekend listening to scholars such as Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Omar Suleiman, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Sheikh Yasr Qadhi, Imam Suhaib Webb, Dr Altaf Hussain, Dr Jamal Badawi, Ustadh Wisam Sharieff, Imam Zaid Shakir, Naim Beigg and so much more! I even had the pleasure to attend the entertainment portion which featured artists such as Native Deen's Joshua Salaam, Comedian Omar Regan, Poet G.I. Jaaber, and Hamza Siddiqui. And all I can say is Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! So here's the part that calls for all of the exclamation points and excitement. After the keynote session entitled, "Islam: The Pursuit of Happiness", my dad rushed off the stage to where I was sitting and said "I just talked to Nouman Ali Khan and told him you need 60 seconds of his time. You have 60 seconds, go". Subhanallah, I grabbed my pocketbook and my 3 year old daughter and flew to the stage. I introduced myself to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan giving him a 30 second spill about my teen program Q.u.e.e.n. Inc and about a young woman who was accepted to his program "Bayyinah Dream" but didn't have the $7750 to attend and this is all he asked. "Is she African American"? I responded, "Yes". "Where does she live"? "Atlanta, Ga". "Can you vouch for her"? "Yes, she's brilliant". "Tell Fatima Lette she has been fully sponsored for Bayyinah Dream Intensive 2013! Subhnallah!!! I couldn't get to my room fasted enough to cry. I poured my heart out to Allah thanking him for allowing me to witness this blessing for 19 year old Fatima who wanted nothing more than to attend this Quran Intensive program! Subhanallah! Fatima Lette is a 19 yr old Psychology student who dedicates her life to help serve humanity. She is the founder of her own Youth organization, regularly feeds the homeless, gets involved in all sorts of causes to benefit humanity, and is one of the most giving, humble, peaceful human beings I have ever met. I am so honored and happy to witness Fatima's Bayyinah Dream come true! She worked so hard for this. We must empower our youth. They are the future and need our assistance! That "60 second elevator speech" changed a young Muslim's life and I am forever grateful to Allah to witness her blessing! Please Keep my Nouman Ali Khan, my dad, and dear Fatima in your dua as she embarks on a journey that will change her life and the lives of those she touches. For all of you participated in Fatima's fundraiser (whether by donating money, sharing her donation website, or simply making dua) may you receive a piece of every reward Fatima attains by helping to make this come true! Amin! Until we meet again... Happy Blogging! I'll attach a link to Nouman Ali Khan's Bayyinah website. . For a chance to win free advertisement on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show like my page here.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Are You Holding Your Relationship Hostage??

I was researching effective ways to communicate with your spouse when I came across this article, which is one of the most prolific articles I've ever read. A man said after five years of controlling his wife and criticizing everything she did his marriage healed the night he said "I'm sorry". He said he never allowed his wife the right to complain without paying a huge price, and this destroyed their intimacy. Now he has learned that nothing makes his wife feel more secure than being a selfless, sensitive, verbally affectionate husband who is the leader in spirituality, romance, finance, and children. His advice: Create a safe atmosphere for your spouse to be real. The safest place for her to discuss her problems should be with you. Never use anything your spouse tells you in confidentiality against her, ie divulge it or use it against her in an argument because she'll never open up to you again. Never reject your spouse, rejection is the worst emotion a human being can feel and she will make it her life mission to be sure you feel her pain. Men would much rather spend time with their spouse if they're having fun. If you're not meeting your spouse's needs today she won't be optimistic about your future and you won't get the best out of her if she is insecure about her future. Security for a woman is when her man is attached, connected, committed, and sacrifices to meet her needs. Remember to speak each other's language and LOVE is THE best feeling any human being can feel. He also states during his pre-marital counseling sessions many couples decided not to move forward with the wedding after having them fill out an extensive pre-marital questionnaire realizing they were extremely incompatible. He wasn't surprised because nowadays many couples on the verge of marriage focus more on planning the wedding of their dreams instead of asking real questions such as where they will live, how many kids they want, who will be in charge of the finances, who makes the final decisions, etc. According to research from the University of Washington who has a 93% accuracy, the number one predictor of divorce is criticism. Keep in mind sometimes we carry around emotional pre-existing baggage that if not addressed can also be a number one predictor of divorce. This is a pastor who has turned his marriage around, is best friends with his wife and has "the greatest relationship" because he "was beaten up pretty badly" trying to reject the inherited differences between men and women. He is one of the best marriage counselors to date. WOW! Great advice! As I was reading this article I thought to myself wow, after five years of destroying his marriage by never apologizing when he was wrong, criticizing his wife, and making her pay a huge price for complaining, he was holding his relationship hostage. All the love he is now experiencing is because he learned (the hard way), that if he wants the sweetness of marriage it behooved him to learn how to effectively communicate love to his wife. Effectively communicating love to your spouse means you must become humble, very humble. You must be quiet, listen, analyze, and find out who your spouse is and how she communicates love to you. In Lyn Hunt's book Communication in a Relationship, she explains that effective communication is at the heart of all great relationships and gives some of the best top tips on how to build a loving relationship through your mate's communication style. Only if we can get all couples to see how important it is for them to learn this skill to have more love, want to spend more time with each other and have all their friends telling them how much they're glowing because their relationships is just that great! No two people think the same so in a marriage it is important to remember that you are always learning your spouse who is a growing adult and constantly changing. If you do not grow with your spouse and learn her communication style you will be at the bad end of a frustrated wife who feels unappreciated and like her husband doesn't get her. This pastor has "mastered" his wife's language so he knows how to get the best out of her which encouraged her to master his language so she can get the best out of him. Now, because this couple makes it a priority to effectively communicate love to each other in their language, they have reached a joyful place in their marriage where they genuinely love and appreciate one another. Stay tuned for an extensive pre-marital questionnaire to find out if your husband/wife to be is the best fit for you. Good Luck and may your marriage be filled with joy, blessings, peace, happiness, prosperity, and longevity. For a chance to win free advertisement on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show like my page  here.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Do more than exist, live. Do more than touch, feel. Do more than look, observe. Do more than read, absorb. Do more than hear, listen. Do more than listen, understand. Do more than think, ponder. Do more than talk, say something." -John H. Rhodes

I was on a morning conference call, when a listener chimed in and said this
"I was at a self development seminar and this great motivational speaker was giving this incredible speech. He told us to raise our hands, so each of us in the audience raised our hands. He then said No, I want you guys to stand up and raise your hands excitedly, jump up and down and have fun and really really raise your hands. The audience did just that, got out of their seats and raised their hands with enthusiasm. And in the course of that, the speaker said "Now, Why is it that someone else has to tell you to do your best? Do your best the first time, because sometimes that's all you get".

WOW! This REALLY spoke to me! Why do we seek permission to our best? Why are we an apporoval seeking nation? Why not be a leader, trendsetter, a fulfilled soul living with passion to carryout his mission?

 I felt obliged to share this with you because I remember when I was once a confused, doubtful, soul seeking approval and acceptance. Now, I can't stop looking for new, fresh ideas that set me apart from everyone else! The best person you can be is you! Are you a follower or leader?

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Snippet of My Talk Show

Peace and Greetings!

I pray you are at your absolute best! I remember a time in my life when all I could see was all the things that were wrong in my life. This was a time when all I can do was wish and hope for something new and different; a different type of life. With lots of prayer, purifying my intentions, courage, determination, and faith, The Creator has blessed me to accomplish many of my Visions! All Praises are due to Him.

I have been so incredibly busy. I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have been opening up for me and I promise to do better updating you through this blog. Like my page here for a free chance to win advertisement on my show!

So with that said, I will attempt to catch you up with all my endeavors! Here's a snippet from the debut of my T.v. talk show, The Hujrah Wahhaj Show. Enjoy! Love you!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Speech in L.A.

What an amazing time I had in L.A. with my dad. I had no idea that living my passion would be this fun! I was born to do this and I am so Grateful to The Creator for choosing me to do this work!

This is the speech I did at The Seerah Council in Los Angeles, Ca. Enjoy!

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Monday, March 18, 2013

I Just Don't Care

I just don’t care. Why do we procrastinate? What it is about that to do list that makes us wait to the very last minute? Why do the majority of people procrastinate? The number one reason is simply because we don’t care. We’re not excited about the task or goal at hand. We’re not excited enough about it to lose sleep over or jump out of our bed. Life is happening to us and we’re just reluctantly going along. Now don’t get me wrong, there are everyday mundane things we must do that won’t excite us like ironing clothes or studying for an upcoming exam. However, if we simply change the meaning we attach to the goal (ie, give your goals a meaning you care about) you will do it more excitingly and live life with more juice. Reasons For Procrastinating: Ironing clothes is boring but if you’re launching a major project that you’ve worked so hard on, or you’re about to catch a flight to a Hawaiian vacation you’ve been looking forward to all year, ironing clothes will be a total different experience. Studying for an exam on a subject that intrigues you so much you won’t want to put the textbook down will deliver a different experience than studying some boring required subject you’ll probably never use again. It’s the experiences we live and work for. The bottom line is most of us are not living a life with juice. We stagnate, drag, and barely make it through the day because we just don’t care about what we’re doing. We find that we must do what needs to get done, reluctantly and our experiences are joyless and for some, full of regret. Two more common reasons we procrastinate are fear and a lack of knowledge of how to get “there.” As for fear, everyone at some point in their lives face fear. Whether it's fear of success or failure the secret is the top successful people has figured out a way, or paid someone, to show them how to move in spite of fear. That’s it. That’s the big mystery solved. The fear you have of failure, success, or the unknown never truly dissipates. You just need to learn how to manage it well enough so that it does not stop you or your visions, and certainly not your mission. As for not knowing how to get “there”, I’d like to propose a question. If I asked you the quickest way to get to Egypt and you’ve never been there could you give me an accurate answer? Of course not. Guessing would be a waste of time so the best thing to do is to equip yourself with a map or compass ie, people with experience such as mentors, life coaches, or guidance counselors, parents, or friends that will hold you accountable for your actions and encourage you to propel forward regardless of what your circumstances look like today. The bottom line is you have to live for yourself. You must decide to walk down your path. Find true meaning and purpose for your life and goals, purify your intentions, equip yourself with a good map and proper guidance, take action today even if it's just a step, and surround yourself with people who will hold you accountable when you need it the most and cheer you on until the end! Life will begin to look different for you as it has for so many people before you struggling through the same test and you will find that you will begin accomplishing goals way before they are almost due! Procrastination is the anti-Best You! For more inspiring articles subscribe to my FREE newsletter at and be sure to like The Hujrah Wahhaj T.V. Show's fanpage at

Friday, March 15, 2013

What is it about her that when she enters a room it seems as if she brings the Sunlight with her? It’s something about her that’s unique, refreshing and almost mesmerizing. She leaves people around her in awe and good wherever she goes. She is a powerful and influential woman and here are her traits. 1) She resides in love. Love is the foundation holding the bricks of her world together. She genuinely loves people. She makes everyone feel great and special because she sees their light, potential and role in the bigger scheme of life. She goes out of her way to project love for humanity organically and this synergy fuels her allowing her to give even more of herself. She is a portal of love and uses it to heal wounds and inspire new life. 2) Her wisdom reaches way beyond her years. Because she loves new information and is constantly looking for inspiration she absorbs everything she learns and regurgitates it almost immediately after receiving it. It’s very important she plays her role in making sure the world around her is equipped with powerful tools to become the absolute best they can. She teaches and everyone listens because her passion for helping others transcends all that she does. 3) Her optimism is one to be desired. People are drawn to her positive disposition which is infectious. She has the ability to instantly transform people’s emotional state by showing them alternate routes to handle their situations. She leaves others with a new found hope by empowering them with a sense of choice and determination. She has an “I can do it” and “you can do it too” attitude regardless of circumstances and people love that about her. 4) Time is of the essence. She’s on the go. You rarely find her just lounging around twiddling her thumbs because she knows there’s always room for improvement, investment, and achievement. She has no patience for time wasters and encourages better time management for herself and others. 5) She’s charismatic by nature. There are many components about her that stand out which make it hard for people to determine what it is about her that draws them in. She has an inner light that glows and grows and inspires the inner light in others to follow suit. Vibrant, for no one reason, people become like moths flocking to the light. 6) She does not think twice about helping. She’s an opportunist when it comes to piling up good deeds. She doesn’t know what deed will be the deed that lands her the ultimate reward of gaining honor from the Creator above. She knows He’s always watching and helping others is a sure way that will lead her closer to His love and her success. If she can do it’s no question that she will. Helping is as sentimental as a baby. 7) She accepts her flaws making it easy to accept others, so forgiveness is a very natural trait. She feels very good forgiving people because she knows with conviction that Mercy is destined for those who show Mercy. She runs to forgive others and when she struggles to forgive, it’s because she’s low on her spirituality barometer. Harsh and unforgiving people is one her pet peeves. 8) The Final trait of powerful and influential women is her humility. She lives in her power and accepts the role she has to play but she knows without a shadow of a doubt if she ever for once think that everything in her life is attributed to her and not God, she is destined to be doomed. She makes sure she keeps herself humble by praising The creator much and by not letting her blessings inflate her head. It is her humility that makes her even more influential because in essence she’s just a vessel of love, help, healing, and inspiring. The root of her joy, success, life is God and she never wants to take false credit. It’s Him helping her to do His healing and she’s grateful to be apart of it! May you have better traits than this and May your world be full or purpose joy and light. For more FREE inspiring articles visit my website at and