Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's not too late, I promise.

I want to ask you a serious question, because until we answer this question with all honesty few things will change. Do you honestly feel that you deserve happiness, the best relationship with your Lord, success, good health, a loving and supportive relationship with your spouse, and all the good extended to you in this world and the next? Don't answer with your tongue, that won't be real. Rather, answer this question with your daily actions. What are your daily thoughts and actions saying about you? You make two decisions every day. Either you walk towards, or away from the areas I mentioned. Most people do not move into action because of fear, lack of belief that they deserve better, and a poor mindset. (I know, Alhamdulillah I can officially say I used to be one of them, the journey continues).
Your thoughts create a feeling in your body and your actions are contingent upon your feelings. Most humans like to feel good. So why not attach really good feelings (change the meaning of your life, purpose, time, relationships via to all that you do? Try it, next time you pray, place yourself in a high gratitude, privileged, and honored state, because you realize kneeling before your Lord is the Most Honorable daily act you are given the privilege to perform. Not until your body feels really good praying will you get the optimum benefit of your prayer, thus making you consciously and subconsciously want more of it. (It's unlikely for any human to accomplish this state in every prayer, however it behooves us to try).
When you're with your spouse what do you feel physically? When you are in a room with him/her, or perhaps speaking on the phone does your body become tense and stressed? If so, you’ve probably attached a horrible meaning to your relationship and I'm in no way shape or form questioning the legitimacy of where it stems from (you or your mate). I am suggesting you take back the sweetness of your marriage and begin recognizing what meaning you are placing on your relationship, what results are being produced, and how that is serving you (benefitting you or not). If you really want to be happier in your marriage you must absolutely stop pointing the fingers, and start pouring into yourself. The more you develop and grow, and the happier you become from within, your spouse will have to join the bandwagon or bail out. Complaining for years upon years about why your spouse makes you miserable will not change your circumstances it will only drain you and everyone you complain to. Be honest with yourself. Be grateful for all the good traits in your spouse so God can bless you with their great traits. Why would the Lord bless a person to become a MILLIONAIRE if he complains about his current salary. His salary is the blessing and until he appreciates it and uses it as a vehicle to reach his goal, he will always remain at the start button. I promise it's not too late my dear soul to change your mindset, clean out your hearts, change your perception of life and watch what The Creator does for you. Brought to you by a segment I'm writing for The Hujrah Wahhaj Show :) For more FREE inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit and

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Save Any Relationship!! Wow, This Really Works!

Good Morning My Beloveds,

Wow, I just finished one of the most inspirational conference calls and I believe some of the information I am about to share with you will help you in your relationships if you apply them and be diligent in seeking your preferred results.

The following ideologies belong to Life Coach Tony Robbins. I cannot take credit for his work rather I am sharing it with you because, what's the point of gaining knowledge that will move you up your ladder of success, if other's are not moving with you?


Nothing in life has a meaning accept the meaning you give it. You are producing your results in life because of the meaning you attached it.

Let's take 2 rape victims. One could have been so devestated that it stopped her from doing anything. She may see the world as dark, filled with untrustworthy people and so she will carry herself throughout her life producing results that support her belief system.

The second victim may accept that the horrifiic crime had to happen to her in order for her to take on a role as an advocate for victimes. She uses her tragedy as a means to free burdened souls and stop it from happening to others. She lives her life believing she is here to help and produces results that support her belief system.

We clearly can see in both cases that the difference is the choice. You must decide what meaning you will give to the events and relationships in your life.

Look at your marriage. What meaning are you giving it? Do you feel like your mate does not get you? Does not respect you? Does not respect him/herself? Believe it or not, whatever meaning you are attaching to your relationship, that is what is showing up and will continue to show up.

You can be on a verge of divorce today, but if you roll up your sleeves and commit to doing some things a little different than maybe, and Allah knows best, maybe you will produce different results. What do you have to lose?

What meaning are you giving your marriage right now, not when you first wedded, but now. Is it for financial support, fear of being alone,or are you married to the love of your life who you want to be in Paradise with? Be honest with yourself. Allah already knows the answer. If you want to change it for the better, the first step is honesty. You must know where you are on a map in order to get to your destination.

After you determine the meaning you attached to your marriage, ask yourself which of the four personality types fit your spouse. Knowledge is power. What if I told you I can give you a sure way to make your spouse happy, fulfilled, and excited about life, therefore changing your relationship into a more positive one? Well, only Allah can do that. But Tony Robbins' Four personality types, gives you insight to who your mate is and how you can instantly change his emotional state, causing you to have a better quality of life with him. Remember, when you give your mate what they value the most your reationship will change! More at Good Luck! Let me know how it goes :)

Four personality types:
1) Shark- Money oriented, independent, extremely focused, and goal oriented. They usually are sharp dressers and very classy. They're about the bottom line. They are going to get the job done because they are natural born leaders. Their negative traits are: they can be controlling, egotistical, demanding, self centered, and inpatient. When apporaching a shark, speak the language they speak. If your spouse has this personality type suggest projects that will allow him/her to be in their element and watch them become alive. They will than associate you as the person they can become alive with and they will seek after more of your attention and company.

2) Dolphin- Fun, like to connect to people, like to be the center of attention, like gatherings and entertaining people. They are bout connecting to as many people as possible and tend to dress in lots of colors. Their negative traits are: they are very unorganized and not timely (Almost always late). When approaching your dolphin be sure to involve her in projects where she can connect with people and have a great time. Let her be in charge of networking, guest lists, hosting, etc. Don't keep dolphins in the house or away from people, it will devestate her. Remember it's all about fun and people for her. Your spouse will think you are the most fun, amazing person in the world because you continously set up an environment conducive to her true nature.

3) Urchent- Facts, facts, facts. Information is most important to them. Extremely detailed oriented and must have structure. They will correct you if a word is misplaced or something is out of order. Their negative trait is that they have absolutely no patience with people who are not on time and who don't value structure and organization.

4) Whale- All about helping. Very selfless people. They want to save the world. They care about the welfare of everyone. Ghandi, Nelson Mendaela, etc. I'm sure they have negative traits but none was mentioned on the call. Who wouldn't want a whale on their team? :)

While most of us can have a combination of any four prsonlity types, usually one is higher than the others. I'm 100% a Whale and dolphin.

What do you do with this information regarding your spouse? Now, you instantly know how to change your mate's emotional state. Start directing, helping, launching projects that will get your spouse moving into massive action. Don't approach a shark with information that will allow him to have fun, he doesn't want to hear it. Rather, talk about how much money he will make. Don't approach a whale with a million dollar deal to get him on your team, he doesn't want to hear it. Rather highlight how it will save lives and make changes in the world.

More on personalities:

Six driving needs

1) Certainty- Very orderly, don't like suprises. Driven by structure.
2) uncertainty- Spontaneous, bungee jumpers, needs variety.
3) Significance- Needs to feel important and special. (most humans have this)
4) Love and connection to people- Needs to be connected with others. All about the relationships.
5) Growth-Always need to develop themselves. Everything is about self improving.
6) Contribution-Wants to contribute, wants to save the world and help others.

Most marriages fail when spouses stop giving their mates what they value the most. Speak the language of your spouse and I promise you your relationship will change.

Until we speak again... Happy blogging. Stay tuned for more of me, with you :) For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

Friday, March 2, 2012


As salaamu alaikum, Peace and blessings to you,

I know it's been quite some time since we've last shared so I wanted to pour into you this beautiful Friday morning. I had an epiphany this morning while making My late night/early morning prayer. It hit me. One particular test was on repeat for me and I had to keep failing it until I truly grasped the lesson behind it. Subhanallah, this same very test is the reason I was up so early praising The Lord of the world. You see my beloved, if you think your status with Allah is not threatened you tend to get content in your worship towards Him. But as soon as you slip, error, or forget, you rush to make it right with Him, beg for His Mercy, and look for every opportunity to seek His favor. The bottom line is My dear soul if you did not sin, there would be a lack of Fear, zeal, and sense of urgency towards Him. Thank you Allah, even in My trangressions you have not left me, you are raising me, and educating me so that I can educate the world. How cool is your Lord? Now passing my test by choice and not chance with clarity and a determination to overcome it. Circumstances will only change when you're forced to deal with them. You can't save the world if you have't saved yourself. You can't help people resolve dilemmas if you wasn't faced with dilemmas that you've failed and resolved yourself. You can't help ease other's pains if you have not felt the very same pain. I made too many mistakes (find out my full story at to not let the world benefit from me. Thank you God for My transgressions. They are My best teachers.

I love you. I need you on the winning team. Time is of the essence. No longer are we in the field of playing small so that others are comfortable. Today we wage war against our lower selves. Today we live in our greatness, to our fullest potential. Today we look at oursleves with the same love Allah has created us with. Today we dig deep down inside, to our core, to examine who we really are and what we are here to do. We've been lied to. We've been indoctrinated to believe someone else's definition of ourselves. Today we define ourselves. Today we ask the questions and give the answers. Today we have moved our mental residency to possibility and the zip code is Yes We Will. We will walk differently. We will talk differently. We will add new dimensions to our conversations. We will pull eachothers coats out of love and Mercy because we understand that when we rise together Allah will do the rest. Today we will make conscious decisions to send forth actions that will gain the attention and favor of your Lord. We must change. We must do better. One person can't do it alone, we must all do it. Each one of you have a role to play and without your role we won't make it. I ask you today, will you stand in support of a better you, a better me, a better us?

Until we meet again, stay strong, stand tall, love like you've never loved before, sweat like you've never sweat before, work like you've never worked before. We have much work to do. The time has come!

Stay tuned for my spoken word album "Warrior of Love:I'm, Here Now". Be sure to tune into my radio show 'Fierce, fearless, Fisibilillah' Mon's 8 am est via or 6467164478. I know you've been patient for the launching of The Hujrah Wahhaj Show, negotiations are still taking place. Be prepared my br's and sr's. We're going hard!! For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.