Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Recap of some of what I've been up to.

The Hujrah Wahhaj Show Promo

I was so excited when my Television show The Hujrah Wahhaj show debuted. It was once a dream, now it is a reality, My reality! Please know that what you may be facing right now is not your destiny. It is simply a time in passing that must occur in order for you to reach your highest potential. Life can be unfair, frustrating, and down right devastating sometimes but it also can be fun, purpose-filled, and passionate if you CHOOSE.  The most important thing to remember is that the common denominator in all your life's circumstances is you. You have the choice to change WHEN you decide it changes. Isn't is about time you make the decision to stop settling and turn it up 1000%? Well I say yes! I say yes to your life and all your future possibilities. I say yes with you and for you.

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