Friday, May 27, 2011

Relaunch of my non-profit org Q.U.E.E.N.

Peace and Blessings to every star reading this.

I am both excited and extremely humbled to introduce the relaunch of my non-profit organization Q.U.E.E.N. (Quest for Unity through Educating and Empowering the Next generation).


Q.U.E.E.N.'s Mission statement- To empower amd unite young muslim women through character building projects so that they may operate at their highest potential.

Q.U.E.E.N.'s Vision- To change the world one young woman at a time.

Q.U.E.E.N.'s Purpose- To provide a support system for young Muslim women and save them from making "expensive" mistakes.

Q.U.E.E.N's Goals and objectives- To help young Muslim women establish a strong connection to Allah by finding their purpose and voices with clarity and enthusiasm. To provide young Muslim women with the tools to change their lives, redirect their focus, make a powerful impact and be major contributors to society. To build self-esteem through character building projects such as charity events, visiting/ assisting the sick, elderly and homeless, entering leadership competitions, fundraiser events, volunteer domestically and internationally, talent shows, poetry slams, H.S. outreach initiative, Reconnecting with Africa ( Travel throughout the African diaspara to explore the history of African people and gain appreciation for their contributions.

Q.U.E.E.N.'s age range targets young women 15-25 yrs old but no one will be turned away insha'allah.

To join, help support, volunteer, or to observe simply to be inspired contact me at If you know any young girls who will find this beneficial, esp the lost ones struggling to find their way please direct them to this website or myself. FYI Insha'allah Q.U.E.E.N.'s will be making many international trips. You do not have to volunteer to travel along with the group. A mahram will act as a group Mahram and strong numbers are encouraged. Ample time will be given to prepare for all trips.

Sunday May 5th Q.U.E.E.N.'s will meet and greet, discuss visions, goals, objectives, vote staff and begin the journey of saving our girls. Q.U.E.E.N.'s is proud to announce it's vice president Zubaydah Parker! How cool?! I LOVE YOU GUYS, UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I. Am. So. Official"-Misundastood's daughter

"I.Am.So.Official."-Nasihah (Tavasha Misundastood's 2 yr old daughter.) I had one of the most rewarding days yesterday. Not only did I spend time with my family, but we had a special visit from my girl, Tavasha Shannon (many of you know her as Misundastood). Allow me to share why this visit was so special. I observed my daughter, my neice, and Tavasha's daughter truly embracing eachother with love and compassion. They expressed their joy of being in eacother's presence with smiles, hugs, and even kisses. SUBHANALLAH, it was so genuine and pure. There was no anxiety between them. No jealousy or fear. It was pure love for one another. If only we adults can behave in the same manner, Subhanallah. Sure they're age range 13 months to 2 yrs play a major role, but how is it that instinctively they profess love and joy for one another at an age where they cant fully decipher wrong from right, yet as adults sometimes we treat eachother in the worst way? SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THAT.

Yesterday my show proved that when we begin to join forces and align with our beautiful fellow creations (our fellow human beings), only greatness comes about which transcends those who witness it. Yesterday's show, Muslimah's in the media with Najmah53 (spotlight), Maureesah SheSoul Cherry (SpeakN Volumez ), and Tahirah Taalib-Din (The Tahirah Show), was one of the best shows I ever did because it defined what true love is about. True love for humanity is about coming together for the pleasure of ALLAH, putting aside all your differences, bringing to the table all your strenghts for a common cause. A GOOD CAUSE. AND ALHAMDULILLAH WE DID JUST THAT. The intent was fulfilled, to inspire our fellow muslimah's to step into their fierceness. We no longer have the luxury of time. We need eachother's help,support,love, and encouragement. Put aside your differences today and align with like minded people, because it's time to become part of the solutions and eventually eliminate the problems! UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. UMMAHTUL-WAHID, ONE NATION! WHO'S WITH ME?!

My name is Hujrah Wahhaj and I am your Personal/Life Coach.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Do I have the right to SMILE?

Someone asked me if I had a right to smile today,
I mean "Why' they inquired am I always so happy,
always so vocal, compassionate and exhibiting light,
what makes me so passionate in replacing darkness with light.
I explained to her how could I not be,
being that Allah has given me everything,
has shown me His power and uncovered His Wisdom,
has brought me from darkness to light with grace and Perfection.
Why should I be unhappy, because of small tests that i'll endure,
when the price of Paradise is waiting at good deeds door,
and Allah's beautiful face is the most rewarding gift I could ever imagine,
If I could just get through this place of deception, desire, and immediate satisfaction.
Sure it could be tempting, we all fall short sometimes,
But at the end of it all suratul mustaqim is the only perfect line.
No, I cant risk it I say No to the forbidden,
No to satan,
and all his minions.
See, I love Allah
and I am extremely grateful for that,
and your sour face drowned in misery without rememberance of Allah,
only further proves that.
Allah is my source of happiness, so YES I do have a right to smile :)


Sharing a love letter written to me:

Hujrah, I felt compelled to write you this love letter for I've been thinking about you for quite some time now and I must say, the total essence of who you are has consumed my world. You see Hujrah, all my life I've been searching for someone like you, inspirational, motivational, with incredible energy, sweet, genuine, compassionate about humanity, proactive in religious and worldy matters, a modern day female version of Malcolm x with style and pizazz. Hujrah, I understand you was brought to this particular place and time to carry out a mission and I fullheartedly give my unconditional support and encouragement to help you carry it out. I love you, everything about you. I love your good and bad traits, your strengths, your weaknesses, your flaws, I love it all. You are a dynamic person because not only do you run to forgive others you have finally learned to forgive yourself. Why you are so passionate about unleashing every single person's hidden potential, is beyond me. But I truly understand your drive and purpose.

I have to go now, but just know that from the bottom of my heart I love you, care for you, am grateful to be apart of your world. And as long as you keep Allah first and continue to strive to make a valuable contribution as you were born to do, I will continue to love, nourish, protect, and honor you.

Your Beloved,

Hujrah Wahhaj!!

YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT!!! I WROTE MYSELF A LOVE LETTER AND BOOOOOY DID IT FEEL GOOD!!! NOW, IT'S YOUR TURN! Fall in love with yourself all over again. Not out of conceit or arrogance but out of the love that Allah has created you with. Allah (God) has created you with love and Mercy. We on the other hand self sabotage, self hate, and self destroy causing us to lose site of our focus and purpose. Fall in love with yourself again. Reconnect with the Almighty Creator. It is there, that you will have clarity on your specific mission. We're all created to worship the Lord of the Worlds but our specific mission on how we as individuals will carry that out is different, tailor-made-to-fit. I love you. I am here for you and with you. I'm cheering for you even when you're destroying yourself!

My Name is Hujrah Wahhaj and I am your Personal Relationship Development Coach. For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do Your Best The First Time

"Do more than exist, live. Do more than touch, feel. Do more than look, observe. Do more than read, absorb. Do more than hear, listen. Do more than listen, understand. Do more than think, ponder. Do more than talk, say something."-John H. Rhoades

During a morning conference call a listener chimed in and said that he was attending a seminar with a dynamic motivational speaker. The speaker asked the audience members to raise their hands, and the audience members did so. Then the speaker said No, I want you guys to rise out of your seats, jump up & down and enthusiastically reach for the skies and raise your hands. So the audience members did just that. The room was overwhelmed with the audience members jumping and down with excitement, reaching to the skies. So the speaker says,"Now why is it that someone else has to tell you to do your best?" Do your best the first time because sometimes that's the only chance you'll get.

This was profound. Isn't it true? We Do seek permission to do our best don't we? Someone else has to be a pioneer in order for us to bring out our greatness? Why are we afraid? We have leadership skills and different viewpoints yet we follow the group to fit in.

A famous author once said "How long will you keep banging your head against the wall before you realize the door is unlocked"? We no longer have the luxury of time. Do your best the first time because sometimes that's the only chance you'll get.

"Good, better, best, Never ever ever rest, until your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best."-Go Rich Mom

Here's to doing our BEST. Who's with me?!! For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


May peace be unto you,

My Dear Friends, Please allow me to share some advice with you. If there's one thing that I can suggest you begin to work on is your heart. Your heart is the very essence of who you are. It holds the keys to your complete being on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Ras (swa) says there is a piece of flesh that if it is corrupted the entire body is corrupted and this piece of flesh is the heart. Ras (swa) also states that Allah (GOD) will not change your condition until you change what's in your heart.

If you find your heart full of rancor, displeasure, jealousy and envy you need major reconstruction heart surgery. You need to first examine your heart, check for all flaws, then acknowledge exactly what's wrong with it. Once you've done this you will find the next steps a little easier. You will have to go back and forgive others who may have did you wrong. You will have to learn to forgive yourself and treat EVERY part of the creation with love and compassion.

You see, when you hold rancor in heart you not only miss out on life's blessings, but you actually stop your blessings from coming to you. For example, because of your hurts and wounds you hear of someone else's good news and instead of being happy for them you are full of jealousy and rage and put what's called the 'Evil Eye' (Placing a serious burden on another which leads them to some type of affliction because of your jealousy)on him. This very act of jealousy & envy robs you of happiness, blessings and adundance waiting for you. Believe it or not, it actually eats up your good deeds as Ras (swa) warns to stay away from jealousy and envy because it burns up your good deeds like fire to cotton.

I had the 'pleasure' (humor) of experiencing this type of evil eye yesterday after sharing a beautiful blessing in my life. I recognized it right away because all the signs were there. I forgive who ever did it because I'm not worth anyone losing their good deeds. Let's work on our hearts, because you have so much out there waiting for your!! Let's all go get it TOGETHER!!! WE CAN DO IT!! LET'S BEGIN TO CHANGE OUR HEARTS TODAY!! WHO'S WITH ME?? For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.