Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A girl once told me she thought I was a B*@#$

As salaamu alaikum Peace and greeetings,

My dear beautiful cherry blossoms, I was inspired to share this with you today. Years ago when I first attended H.s. a girl whom I later befriended told me that when she first saw me she thought I was a B*@#%. "Why" I asked her. She told me that I was the new girl who thought she was all of that because while the other girls found a median between skanky party outfits and early morning jogging wear, I wore elegant long skirts with head scarves she'd never seen before, matching the shoes and pocket books perfectly. She just wasn't used to "that style for our age". When I asked her what she thought about my personality, she said she wondered what the h*@# I was always so happy about. Later I asked her about that conversation and she admitted it was her own insecurity because I was the new black girl, I was different, I stood out, and everyone dug it!

You see, my beautiful fellow Muslims we ARE different, but different is good. We are more than the average people who hang out in streets, have insignificant and meaningless conversations, we are Muslims, Alhamdulillah. We don't have to blend in or play down our uniqueness. We glow from our salats while they spend buko money on cover girl foundation products. We have tranquility and love of Allah which makes us feel whole, they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to fill their empty voids with every type of nip, tuck, reconstructive, enhancer, surgery there's known to mankind. Subhanallah, and when they see us "different, happy, shining, beautiful" they don't know how to respond so we're deemed as a B*&@#$, because the energy and power a Believer brings will outshine any other thing always. No two things can co-exist. Darkness and light cannot exist at the same time. You choose which side you want to be on, stay in the dark or step into the light!

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  1. SubhannaAllah, subhannAllah, that was sooooooooooooooo DEEP. Mashaallah. gave me goose bumps. sooooooooooo true.I enjoyeed reading this man, so much. Thx Huj for this,may Allah reward you greatly

  2. AMAZING! MashaAllah! That is sooo true!