Friday, March 15, 2013

What is it about her that when she enters a room it seems as if she brings the Sunlight with her? It’s something about her that’s unique, refreshing and almost mesmerizing. She leaves people around her in awe and good wherever she goes. She is a powerful and influential woman and here are her traits. 1) She resides in love. Love is the foundation holding the bricks of her world together. She genuinely loves people. She makes everyone feel great and special because she sees their light, potential and role in the bigger scheme of life. She goes out of her way to project love for humanity organically and this synergy fuels her allowing her to give even more of herself. She is a portal of love and uses it to heal wounds and inspire new life. 2) Her wisdom reaches way beyond her years. Because she loves new information and is constantly looking for inspiration she absorbs everything she learns and regurgitates it almost immediately after receiving it. It’s very important she plays her role in making sure the world around her is equipped with powerful tools to become the absolute best they can. She teaches and everyone listens because her passion for helping others transcends all that she does. 3) Her optimism is one to be desired. People are drawn to her positive disposition which is infectious. She has the ability to instantly transform people’s emotional state by showing them alternate routes to handle their situations. She leaves others with a new found hope by empowering them with a sense of choice and determination. She has an “I can do it” and “you can do it too” attitude regardless of circumstances and people love that about her. 4) Time is of the essence. She’s on the go. You rarely find her just lounging around twiddling her thumbs because she knows there’s always room for improvement, investment, and achievement. She has no patience for time wasters and encourages better time management for herself and others. 5) She’s charismatic by nature. There are many components about her that stand out which make it hard for people to determine what it is about her that draws them in. She has an inner light that glows and grows and inspires the inner light in others to follow suit. Vibrant, for no one reason, people become like moths flocking to the light. 6) She does not think twice about helping. She’s an opportunist when it comes to piling up good deeds. She doesn’t know what deed will be the deed that lands her the ultimate reward of gaining honor from the Creator above. She knows He’s always watching and helping others is a sure way that will lead her closer to His love and her success. If she can do it’s no question that she will. Helping is as sentimental as a baby. 7) She accepts her flaws making it easy to accept others, so forgiveness is a very natural trait. She feels very good forgiving people because she knows with conviction that Mercy is destined for those who show Mercy. She runs to forgive others and when she struggles to forgive, it’s because she’s low on her spirituality barometer. Harsh and unforgiving people is one her pet peeves. 8) The Final trait of powerful and influential women is her humility. She lives in her power and accepts the role she has to play but she knows without a shadow of a doubt if she ever for once think that everything in her life is attributed to her and not God, she is destined to be doomed. She makes sure she keeps herself humble by praising The creator much and by not letting her blessings inflate her head. It is her humility that makes her even more influential because in essence she’s just a vessel of love, help, healing, and inspiring. The root of her joy, success, life is God and she never wants to take false credit. It’s Him helping her to do His healing and she’s grateful to be apart of it! May you have better traits than this and May your world be full or purpose joy and light. For more FREE inspiring articles visit my website at and

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