Thursday, April 18, 2013

Snippet of My Talk Show

Peace and Greetings!

I pray you are at your absolute best! I remember a time in my life when all I could see was all the things that were wrong in my life. This was a time when all I can do was wish and hope for something new and different; a different type of life. With lots of prayer, purifying my intentions, courage, determination, and faith, The Creator has blessed me to accomplish many of my Visions! All Praises are due to Him.

I have been so incredibly busy. I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful opportunities that have been opening up for me and I promise to do better updating you through this blog. Like my page here for a free chance to win advertisement on my show!

So with that said, I will attempt to catch you up with all my endeavors! Here's a snippet from the debut of my T.v. talk show, The Hujrah Wahhaj Show. Enjoy! Love you!

Click Here To View The Show.

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