Monday, November 15, 2010


Are you searching for employment? Or maybe you worked at the same job year after year only to become overworked, regretful, under appreciated and underpaid.  Are you living paycheck to paycheck only to convince yourself once again that this week will be your very last week and you will finally go after your true dream? Well, if this proves to be true for you, I have great news for you! You no longer need to have "just" a job. You see, a job serves one purpose. It provides you with monetary compensation for your hardwork. BUT YOUR PASSION, YOUR DREAM, YOUR BURNING DESIRE TO ANSWER YOUR CALLING, not only gives you purpose, drive, enthusiasm, and money, it leads you to your true self, your authentic self! You, my wonderful friend, was placed here in this place at this time to do more than just exist. There is a job, a purpose out there that no one else can do better than you. It is  YOUR CALLING, tailor-made to fit. This is not true because I said it. This is true because the Creator made you, assigned you natural skills, abilities, gifts, strengths, personality traits to get the job done! AND GUESS WHAT? The longer you keep distracting yourself, talking yourself out of it, fearing the unknown, the longer it will take to introduce yourself to the REAL YOU. AND THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN LIVING WITH REMORSE IS DYING WITH IT. Change your course of action today because if your steering wheel locks up on you the direction will choose you instead of you choosing your direction! Start your sessions today. See prior post for rates and contact information. BE THE CHANGE YOU SEEK!

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