Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just as you eat daily to maintain a healthy and functional body, the same is true for your mind and soul. Daily nourishment for mind, body, and soul are key for operating at your fullest potential. What do I mean by this? BALANCE. Can you imagine a person who works out religiously, eats only the healthiest foods, yet he bombards himself daily with destructive thoughts, such as I can't, I'm worthless, etc . Or maybe he lives a harmful life full of acts that burdens his soul. THIS IS COMPLETELY IMBALANCED AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Now, Just imagine if the same man treated his mind, body, and soul sacred, making sure only healthy and beneficial things enter it. This man would not only be balanced, strong, healthy, and really happy, but he would be fierce in his life and goals. Well, I'm here to tell you its possible!! Promise me, better yet, promise yourself that from now on, you will treat everything that effects your total being like food, only the best guys!!! MAKE THE CHOICE TODAY to choose your words, thoughts, and actions with light. Your thoughts produce Bio chemical realities in your body. Destructive thoughts destroy your bodys immune system while loving and positive thoughts strengthens it. Your body has a magnetic field surrounding it which makes you stronger when enriched and weakens with destructive forces (including people, thoughts, actions, foods,etc).  Illuminate your complete self. My name is Hujrah Wahhaj and I am your life coach! Check prior posts for fees and services.

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