Friday, July 15, 2011

Are we nurturing our women?

Peace, greetings, and salutations, ASA my beloved souls,

Sisters why is it that we know our children so well, we can distinguish between a sleepy cry, a hungry one, or a plain ole I need some attention, cry? We take the time to learn our children's language so that we can provide them with successful, thriving, and loving tools. We want them to be the best and so we do our best to meet all their needs. How about we do the same for us?

Sisters let's research ourselves so well that We can write our own prescriptions when life throws us those unexpected curve balls. Let's begin to recognize when we had our fill and step away to rejuvenate. Every woman has at least one thing that makes her feel powerful. Find it sisters, fast and then position yourself so that you give energy to this power inducing serum. Energy grows where energy goes. My secret formula that makes the regular days seem super and the extraordinary days feel like ecstasy is ALLAH! Allah meets my needs and wants like no other can. So when I'm presented with an obstacle I can induce my self with this quick, energy boosting shot of vitamins so that I can continue to fulfill my mission, tailor made to fit. You see sisters I know what it feels like to be in so much pain, so much darkness that I have to close my eyes to see the light of Allah. As long as I nurture my relationship with Allah my world is lit with the Nur of Allah. And as long as I make integrity based decisions I know Allah is smiling down on me which makes me feel like I have limitless possibilities. As long as Allah remains my source of being, belonging, acceptance, self regard, I feel empowered and my family, friends, and the whole entire world around me benefits from me.

Sisters get back to looking into the mirrors and saying I love you. Not out of conceit, rather from the same type of love Allah has created you in. You were born on the fitrah. Allah perfectly created you imperfect. Please get back to nurturing yourselves so that when your husbands and loved ones love you, they add to what you already fill your tank up with as opposed to being your self-esteem dependency. I see you in the masjids with the sucking on lemons permanent look and I pray for you. I truly do. It's time to remove that armor you have around your heart, because although its protecting you from ever being hurt again, its also blocking you from love, peace, and a world of abundance out there. Please readjust back to a warm, loving, and nurturing climate, even if your house is cold right now, because if you begin to inject yourselves with your power serum, the world around you and the people in it will only reflect that.

Remember my beautiful sisters, energy is neither created nor destroyed just transferred from one source to another. Loving, nurturing, empowering, peaceful, and accepting energy is the formula for every single woman. Try it today, get back to nurturing your souls because remember you belong to Allah, you're only a loan and He will ask you about the condition and treatment of His loan. Don't disappoint Him, if not for you, do it for Allah. You're worth that at least.

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