Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Live in your Power and opt out for living in Fear

What is power?

Powerful people don't sit around and wait for others to determine if they can fit you into their lives, like a piece to a puzzle. They don't give others the sole responsibility of determining if you're worthy enough to be in their world. Powerful people are the spectators, evaluating every situation carefully and then choosing to share valuable energy on people and things that fill their tanks up with light, joy, benefit, and happiness. They dont waste time or energy on those who prove unworthy. I realized that we share eachothers energy and I am not in the business of swaping anyone's negativity nor holding a space for dark energy.

When you see a crowd of people usually the loudest, cockiest, most arrogant one is the most insecure and the most quiet one has his back up straight and is most aware of his surroundings. Power is affecting people by your silence. Power is feeling like a million bucks whether you're in a jogging suit, jilbab, or designer outfit. Power is in your speech, your thoughts, and your actions.

Why be powerful? Powerful thoughts bring about powerful action. Powerful action save lives. Powerful words free enslaved captives. Powerful statements provoke change. Powerful movements heals wounds. Powerful people help save, heal, and change lives!

If you have been playing it safe because you're under the false pretense that to be powerful somehow means you have not arrived at a proper and full understanding of Islam, I invite you to consider this.

Allah (The Lord of the world and everything in it) named Him self with the Most Beautiful Names, 99 of which He revealed to us, the rest remains with Him. One of those 99 Names is Al Muqtadir- The All Powerful. If you examine the remainder of His names and we'll use 5 just for argument sake, we come to a clear understanding that Allah tells us to immolate His attributes. Ar Rahman- The Merciful, Ash Shakur-The Appreciative, Al Gafur-The Forgiving, Al Haqq-The Truth, Al Wadud-The Loving One. Allah says that He shows Mercy to those who are MERCIFUL. Satan threatens he will mislead many and prove that most are ungrateful, so we should be grateful and APRECIATIVE. Allah tells us to be FORGIVING to a point that we make 99 excuses for those who wrong us. Allah says speak the TRUTH even if its against your ownself. Allah says to increase LOVE beteen our hearts by salaaming those we know and do not know. Allah is AL MUQTADIR The Most Powerful and we should be powerful enough to fight our Nafs, bury our fear other than the Fear of Allah, and be the powerful confident movers and shakers like our past examples of Nabiyyun Muhammad (SWA), the Sahabah's and the people of his time.

Rasulullah (SWA) was the most powerful example of what a true believer is. This elevated state made him even more humble to a point where his silence spoke louder then his words. People knew when he was angry because he turned his back and became red in the face which made the people shake in Fear of them displeasing him. That's power.

So what part of the game is this when we think we're Holy by saying everything is Haram, staying in a bubble, criticizing those who are out doing the work to change your life so that you can have better options then picking a Muslim male or non muslim female gynocologist? We need to get out of the habit of thinking stifling one another is deen, thats not deen thats foolishness. Its ok to be afraid, but its not okay to worship it to a point where its your guiding force. If you dont step into you power that Allah has preferred you with over the disbelievers how are you supposed to raise confident, successful children who will one day compete with Harvard and Yale graduates? Keep living in a stifling, condemnation, low confident, scared, safe place while the world around you thrives. In the end you will see that Allah put you in this place at this particular time to play a role and that you shoud've been woke up and recognized the role to play.

Make the choice to live in your power and opt out for living in Fear. For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit hujrahwahhaj.com. Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

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