Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My dad said I had 60 Seconds!

Good Morning, Well, I must say this is the best news I've had in a long time and of course I want to share it with you! So I just returned from ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) convention 2013 this past Memorial Weekend in Connecticut and it was absolutely the best one I've ever attended. I spent the entire weekend listening to scholars such as Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Imam Omar Suleiman, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, Sheikh Yasr Qadhi, Imam Suhaib Webb, Dr Altaf Hussain, Dr Jamal Badawi, Ustadh Wisam Sharieff, Imam Zaid Shakir, Naim Beigg and so much more! I even had the pleasure to attend the entertainment portion which featured artists such as Native Deen's Joshua Salaam, Comedian Omar Regan, Poet G.I. Jaaber, and Hamza Siddiqui. And all I can say is Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! So here's the part that calls for all of the exclamation points and excitement. After the keynote session entitled, "Islam: The Pursuit of Happiness", my dad rushed off the stage to where I was sitting and said "I just talked to Nouman Ali Khan and told him you need 60 seconds of his time. You have 60 seconds, go". Subhanallah, I grabbed my pocketbook and my 3 year old daughter and flew to the stage. I introduced myself to Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan giving him a 30 second spill about my teen program Q.u.e.e.n. Inc and about a young woman who was accepted to his program "Bayyinah Dream" but didn't have the $7750 to attend and this is all he asked. "Is she African American"? I responded, "Yes". "Where does she live"? "Atlanta, Ga". "Can you vouch for her"? "Yes, she's brilliant". "Tell Fatima Lette she has been fully sponsored for Bayyinah Dream Intensive 2013! Subhnallah!!! I couldn't get to my room fasted enough to cry. I poured my heart out to Allah thanking him for allowing me to witness this blessing for 19 year old Fatima who wanted nothing more than to attend this Quran Intensive program! Subhanallah! Fatima Lette is a 19 yr old Psychology student who dedicates her life to help serve humanity. She is the founder of her own Youth organization, regularly feeds the homeless, gets involved in all sorts of causes to benefit humanity, and is one of the most giving, humble, peaceful human beings I have ever met. I am so honored and happy to witness Fatima's Bayyinah Dream come true! She worked so hard for this. We must empower our youth. They are the future and need our assistance! That "60 second elevator speech" changed a young Muslim's life and I am forever grateful to Allah to witness her blessing! Please Keep my Nouman Ali Khan, my dad, and dear Fatima in your dua as she embarks on a journey that will change her life and the lives of those she touches. For all of you participated in Fatima's fundraiser (whether by donating money, sharing her donation website, or simply making dua) may you receive a piece of every reward Fatima attains by helping to make this come true! Amin! Until we meet again... Happy Blogging! I'll attach a link to Nouman Ali Khan's Bayyinah website. http://bayyinah.com/dream/ . For a chance to win free advertisement on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show like my page here.

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