Monday, September 23, 2013

Fear is only a Feeling!

Good Morning Loves,

I was inspired to write to you about FEAR! We all have it. We all face it. In fact the greatest of people had some level of fear in their lives. What I find fascinating is, successful people who continuously win have learned to move despite of fear. They have mastered the art of using the emotion of fear as a tool that empowers them instead of crippling them.

I am determined to win. I am determined to shape the minds of so many of our young beautiful brothers and sisters out there who just need one person to say I believe in you. I am determined to win. I am determined to show not only this community but the world that WE are made of great stuff and in fact we have ALL that it takes to change this world completely around!

I know I have high hopes and high standards. I know I can seem a bit bold ion my visions at time, but I believe with Allah Every Single Thing is possible. I also believe that we were placed on this Earth, perfectly desinged imperfectly by the Creature Himself, with all that we need to be dynamic, fierce, incredible, and Super Productive. I believe that God can make us climb higher than we can see, reeach, and even think. "I am what my servant thinks of me". Our Magnificent Creator is telling us to think incredible about Him and He will make our entire existence Incredible!

I don't know about you but I want God to look at me as His employee who never ever stopped until she accomplished all that she was placed here to do. I was my Creator to be proud of me, to smile at me, to write me among the honored ones who hold a special place in His heart.

How in the world can I go after all this and let fear cripple me? How is it possible to live in greatness, do great things, invent great ideas, inspire greatness amongst people if I let fear stop me?! It won't work. It can't work. Trust and believe that fear is only a feeling. It will pass. You must decided Today that you can no longer sit around and wait for someone to make your life awesome. You no longer have the luxury of letting fear talk you out of ideas. Change begins now and can only happen when you get uncomfortable!

I pray this message resonates with you. I know somebody needed to hear this on this morning. I love you and I expect only greatness from you. You are my sisters and brothers and I need our bond to be better than ever! I need you on this mission with me. Together we can do this and I'm in it with you for the long run! Are you with me?

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