Sunday, September 22, 2013

How To Get Back On Track After A Low Point.

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I left my hometown, NYC with a one way ticket to Atlanta, Ga and $.28 in my pocket. I had no idea what the next day would look like nor did I have a solid plan. All I knew was that I was moving to a new City with nothing but 100% faith in Allah and assurance that my life was about to change drastically because I finally decided with conviction that it was time to truly live in my passion.
I look back at the event that would forever change my life and can't believe how fast life became better for me. The question I keep asking myself as I'm flying up my ladder of success (All praises belong to God) is what if I never made the courageous decision to leave my familiar discomfort and step into unknown possibilities? I would still be at start and not writing this article to you.

 It was challenging starting from square one. I had to rebuild myself up in a new City, new rules, new people, but I had new hope. I knew that if I wanted to produce a different outcome I had to move and think differently. I had to learn some new ideologies and unlearn some bad habits including negative inner dialogue. Then when I started to have breakthrough after breakthrough I realized that success is no secret magic potion or single event that just happens, that in fact it is a science to it and it begins with your mindset.

 So, how do you get yourself back on track after a low point?

 Here are five steps that you must begin implementing today to take back your life and start becoming the dynamic person you were meant to be.

 1) The very first thing you must do is completely remove yourself from the people, place, or thing that has obviously contributed to your downfall. I left town because I wanted a completely new life but you don't have to make a move so drastic. If you can't get away permanently then leave for at least a couple of hours or a day and go to your safe place. Everyone has one. The safe place is THE place you can go to find total peace, comfort, and repose. There are no worries, stress, or people who make you feel discomfort. I have several including lakes, beaches, day spas, trees, etc. It can even be a close friend's house or a relative. Find that place and retreat..... Click here for the full article.

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