Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's not too late, I promise.

I want to ask you a serious question, because until we answer this question with all honesty few things will change. Do you honestly feel that you deserve happiness, the best relationship with your Lord, success, good health, a loving and supportive relationship with your spouse, and all the good extended to you in this world and the next? Don't answer with your tongue, that won't be real. Rather, answer this question with your daily actions. What are your daily thoughts and actions saying about you? You make two decisions every day. Either you walk towards, or away from the areas I mentioned. Most people do not move into action because of fear, lack of belief that they deserve better, and a poor mindset. (I know, Alhamdulillah I can officially say I used to be one of them, the journey continues).
Your thoughts create a feeling in your body and your actions are contingent upon your feelings. Most humans like to feel good. So why not attach really good feelings (change the meaning of your life, purpose, time, relationships via to all that you do? Try it, next time you pray, place yourself in a high gratitude, privileged, and honored state, because you realize kneeling before your Lord is the Most Honorable daily act you are given the privilege to perform. Not until your body feels really good praying will you get the optimum benefit of your prayer, thus making you consciously and subconsciously want more of it. (It's unlikely for any human to accomplish this state in every prayer, however it behooves us to try).
When you're with your spouse what do you feel physically? When you are in a room with him/her, or perhaps speaking on the phone does your body become tense and stressed? If so, you’ve probably attached a horrible meaning to your relationship and I'm in no way shape or form questioning the legitimacy of where it stems from (you or your mate). I am suggesting you take back the sweetness of your marriage and begin recognizing what meaning you are placing on your relationship, what results are being produced, and how that is serving you (benefitting you or not). If you really want to be happier in your marriage you must absolutely stop pointing the fingers, and start pouring into yourself. The more you develop and grow, and the happier you become from within, your spouse will have to join the bandwagon or bail out. Complaining for years upon years about why your spouse makes you miserable will not change your circumstances it will only drain you and everyone you complain to. Be honest with yourself. Be grateful for all the good traits in your spouse so God can bless you with their great traits. Why would the Lord bless a person to become a MILLIONAIRE if he complains about his current salary. His salary is the blessing and until he appreciates it and uses it as a vehicle to reach his goal, he will always remain at the start button. I promise it's not too late my dear soul to change your mindset, clean out your hearts, change your perception of life and watch what The Creator does for you. Brought to you by a segment I'm writing for The Hujrah Wahhaj Show :) For more FREE inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit and

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