Friday, May 20, 2011

Do I have the right to SMILE?

Someone asked me if I had a right to smile today,
I mean "Why' they inquired am I always so happy,
always so vocal, compassionate and exhibiting light,
what makes me so passionate in replacing darkness with light.
I explained to her how could I not be,
being that Allah has given me everything,
has shown me His power and uncovered His Wisdom,
has brought me from darkness to light with grace and Perfection.
Why should I be unhappy, because of small tests that i'll endure,
when the price of Paradise is waiting at good deeds door,
and Allah's beautiful face is the most rewarding gift I could ever imagine,
If I could just get through this place of deception, desire, and immediate satisfaction.
Sure it could be tempting, we all fall short sometimes,
But at the end of it all suratul mustaqim is the only perfect line.
No, I cant risk it I say No to the forbidden,
No to satan,
and all his minions.
See, I love Allah
and I am extremely grateful for that,
and your sour face drowned in misery without rememberance of Allah,
only further proves that.
Allah is my source of happiness, so YES I do have a right to smile :)

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