Sunday, May 1, 2011


May peace be unto you,

My Dear Friends, Please allow me to share some advice with you. If there's one thing that I can suggest you begin to work on is your heart. Your heart is the very essence of who you are. It holds the keys to your complete being on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. Ras (swa) says there is a piece of flesh that if it is corrupted the entire body is corrupted and this piece of flesh is the heart. Ras (swa) also states that Allah (GOD) will not change your condition until you change what's in your heart.

If you find your heart full of rancor, displeasure, jealousy and envy you need major reconstruction heart surgery. You need to first examine your heart, check for all flaws, then acknowledge exactly what's wrong with it. Once you've done this you will find the next steps a little easier. You will have to go back and forgive others who may have did you wrong. You will have to learn to forgive yourself and treat EVERY part of the creation with love and compassion.

You see, when you hold rancor in heart you not only miss out on life's blessings, but you actually stop your blessings from coming to you. For example, because of your hurts and wounds you hear of someone else's good news and instead of being happy for them you are full of jealousy and rage and put what's called the 'Evil Eye' (Placing a serious burden on another which leads them to some type of affliction because of your jealousy)on him. This very act of jealousy & envy robs you of happiness, blessings and adundance waiting for you. Believe it or not, it actually eats up your good deeds as Ras (swa) warns to stay away from jealousy and envy because it burns up your good deeds like fire to cotton.

I had the 'pleasure' (humor) of experiencing this type of evil eye yesterday after sharing a beautiful blessing in my life. I recognized it right away because all the signs were there. I forgive who ever did it because I'm not worth anyone losing their good deeds. Let's work on our hearts, because you have so much out there waiting for your!! Let's all go get it TOGETHER!!! WE CAN DO IT!! LET'S BEGIN TO CHANGE OUR HEARTS TODAY!! WHO'S WITH ME?? For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

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