Sunday, May 22, 2011

"I. Am. So. Official"-Misundastood's daughter

"I.Am.So.Official."-Nasihah (Tavasha Misundastood's 2 yr old daughter.) I had one of the most rewarding days yesterday. Not only did I spend time with my family, but we had a special visit from my girl, Tavasha Shannon (many of you know her as Misundastood). Allow me to share why this visit was so special. I observed my daughter, my neice, and Tavasha's daughter truly embracing eachother with love and compassion. They expressed their joy of being in eacother's presence with smiles, hugs, and even kisses. SUBHANALLAH, it was so genuine and pure. There was no anxiety between them. No jealousy or fear. It was pure love for one another. If only we adults can behave in the same manner, Subhanallah. Sure they're age range 13 months to 2 yrs play a major role, but how is it that instinctively they profess love and joy for one another at an age where they cant fully decipher wrong from right, yet as adults sometimes we treat eachother in the worst way? SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH THAT.

Yesterday my show proved that when we begin to join forces and align with our beautiful fellow creations (our fellow human beings), only greatness comes about which transcends those who witness it. Yesterday's show, Muslimah's in the media with Najmah53 (spotlight), Maureesah SheSoul Cherry (SpeakN Volumez ), and Tahirah Taalib-Din (The Tahirah Show), was one of the best shows I ever did because it defined what true love is about. True love for humanity is about coming together for the pleasure of ALLAH, putting aside all your differences, bringing to the table all your strenghts for a common cause. A GOOD CAUSE. AND ALHAMDULILLAH WE DID JUST THAT. The intent was fulfilled, to inspire our fellow muslimah's to step into their fierceness. We no longer have the luxury of time. We need eachother's help,support,love, and encouragement. Put aside your differences today and align with like minded people, because it's time to become part of the solutions and eventually eliminate the problems! UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. UMMAHTUL-WAHID, ONE NATION! WHO'S WITH ME?!

My name is Hujrah Wahhaj and I am your Personal/Life Coach.

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