Saturday, May 14, 2011

Do Your Best The First Time

"Do more than exist, live. Do more than touch, feel. Do more than look, observe. Do more than read, absorb. Do more than hear, listen. Do more than listen, understand. Do more than think, ponder. Do more than talk, say something."-John H. Rhoades

During a morning conference call a listener chimed in and said that he was attending a seminar with a dynamic motivational speaker. The speaker asked the audience members to raise their hands, and the audience members did so. Then the speaker said No, I want you guys to rise out of your seats, jump up & down and enthusiastically reach for the skies and raise your hands. So the audience members did just that. The room was overwhelmed with the audience members jumping and down with excitement, reaching to the skies. So the speaker says,"Now why is it that someone else has to tell you to do your best?" Do your best the first time because sometimes that's the only chance you'll get.

This was profound. Isn't it true? We Do seek permission to do our best don't we? Someone else has to be a pioneer in order for us to bring out our greatness? Why are we afraid? We have leadership skills and different viewpoints yet we follow the group to fit in.

A famous author once said "How long will you keep banging your head against the wall before you realize the door is unlocked"? We no longer have the luxury of time. Do your best the first time because sometimes that's the only chance you'll get.

"Good, better, best, Never ever ever rest, until your good becomes your better and your better becomes your best."-Go Rich Mom

Here's to doing our BEST. Who's with me?!! For more inspiring articles that will add value and quality to your life visit Your Personal Relationship Development Coach.

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